Our church is available for Christian weddings.  A
Christian wedding is one in which at least one of
those to be married is a baptized Christian.

In planning a Christian wedding service at St.
Mary's, it is important that the pastor be
contacted at least 3 months, and preferable 6
months, before the wedding date.  This is
necessary, not only to ensure the availability of
the church facilities but also to schedule
pre-marital counseling with the pastor and to
assure the availability of the organist.

Normally, three to five pre-marital counseling
sessions are necessary as determined by the
pastor.  What is being planned in marriage is a
lifetime commitment, not just a wedding day.  
The church and pastor will not normally be
available for marriages on feast days and national

For information on wedding policies and fees,
please contact the
church office.
Wedding Policy