Staff & Volunteers

Vice Pastor: The Rev. Cris Frigm

Secretary: Susan Bowersox-Blizzard

Organist: Cathy Elkiss

Sexton: Mark Ruby

Front Sign Preparer: Crystal Ruby

Prayer List Coordinator: Gail Wisner

Bell Ringer: Junior Miller

Stamp Coordinator: Janet Heltibridle

Carroll Lutheran School Liaison: Jim Huber

Carroll Lutheran Village Delegates: Jim & Fran Crist

Thrivent Liaison: Donna Myers

Creative Lutheran Crafters Coordinator: Fran Crist

Church Council Officers 2022

Craig Fleischer, President

Jim Huber, Vice-President

Faye Boughter, Secretary

Linda Bupp, Treasurer

Committee/Group Members

* Denotes Chairperson

** Pastor and Council President are ex officio members of all committees.



Altar Guild

Fran Crist*

Ruth Warfield

Jill Spriggs

Gail Wisner


Donald Lawyer

Cindy Lawyer

Christian Education

Kelli Scott*

Communion Assistants

Crystal Ruby

Jim Crist

Fran Crist

Dwyn Fleischer

Crystal Ruby


Linda Bupp*

Gary Meadows


holiday flowers - Betty Huber

altar flowers - Faye Boughter

Lector Coordinator

Jim Crist*

Outreach & Welcome

Jim Crist*

Linda Bupp

Fran Crist

Ruth Warfield

Dwyn Fleischer

Jim Huber

Betty Huber

Brenda Meadows


Jim Huber*

Junior Miller

Mark Ruby

Craig Fleischer

Funeral Reception

Fran Crist*

Staff Support

Gail Wisner*

Gary Meadows



Linda Bupp


St. Mary's Cemetery Association

St. Mary's Members - Junior Miller & Craig Fleischer

For more information contact Don Dutterer 443-340-55155