Pastors of the Silver Run Parish

Rev. Willard E. Saltzgiver

The Rev. Willard E. Saltzgiver guided the spiritual destiny of this parish from 1927 to 1942.

The Saltzgiver pastorate was honored with two "firsts": one, the commissioning service of its first missionary daughter.

The second "first" was the first ordination service to be held in St. Mary's - the ordination of Pastor Saltzgiver's son, Luther Burns Saltzgiver. This took place on November 23, 1941.

On September 25, 1927, a new Moller pipe organ was dedicated by Pastor Saltzgiver. The cost of the organ was $3500, and Pastor Saltzgiver recorded in the church register for that date, "Entire amount on hand on day of dedication."

The Parish House was dedicated by Pastor Saltzgiver on May 11, 1933. These expanded facilities permitted St. Mary's to widen the scope and effectiveness of her work. In addition to being headquarters for the Adult Sunday School, this building also served as a gathering place for the auxiliary organizations of the church.

Many improvements were made to the church and were listed in the 175th Anniversary bulletin (Sunday, May 2, 1937).

The Frescoing of the Church, repositioning of The Ascension and incorporation of the other murals was executed by Otto M. DuBrau of Baltimore.

The Artist of the Paintings was V. Marino.

The Pews and Choir Panel were installed by the Manitowac Furniture Company of Waukasha, Wisconsin.

The Reredos and Arch Panels were installed by Mr. Lloyd Crouse of Littlestown, PA.

The Carpet was purchased from the Olson Rug Company, Brooklyn, NY.

The Radiator Covers were manufactured by the Artistigue Radiator Enclosure Co. of Baltimore, MD.

Repairing of Concrete walks and Church Steps was done by Mr. Hyle.

The Electric Clock was donated by Stanley Stover of Littlestown, PA.

During her years in Silver Run Mrs. Saltzgiver was a great help to the women and the children of the church. She was particularly interested in christian missionary activities at home and abroad, and in addition to her leadership in the parish she served faithfully as an officer in the women's Missionary Society of the Middle Conference of Maryland Synod.

The Saltzgiver's left St. Mary's, retired, and moved to live in Ormond Beach, Florida.

Born: May 9, 1890, Jefferson, York Co., PA
Parents: George and Sarah Jane Saltzgiver
Schools: Codorus Township High School, 1908
Gettysburg College, 1912
Gettysburg Seminary, 1915
Family: Married Elizabeth E. Burns, June 1, 1915
Children: The Rev. Luther Burns Saltzgiver
Willard A. Saltzgiver
Janet P. (Saltzgiver) Vodenicker