Pastors of the Silver Run Parish

Rev. John Jacob Albert

John Jacob Albert was born near Elizabethtown, Lancaster County, Pa., in the year 1798. At an early age his attention was directed to the ministry, which he finally entered in the year 1820, after having pursued a course of theological studies under the Rev. Christian Endress, D.D., then of Lancaster City, Pa.

He was first called to the charge of congregations at Berlin, Adams County, Pa., where he labored with commendable success for six years, when he removed to Manchester, Carroll County, Md. Here he remained from 1828 to 1837, cultivating his large and laborious field with great diligence and faithfulness. While at Manchester he received a call to Hanover, York County, Pa., which, after mature deliberation, he accepted, entering upon his labors there in the year 1837. His ministry at Hanover was characterized with unwearied interest in his work and was largely blessed to the good of souls. The accessions to the church were very numerous, adding materially to the strength and general welfare of the charge. After remaining at Hanover eleven years, he removed in 1848 to Bellefonte, Centre County, where, in connection with the service given to a part of the same charge at Salona, Clinton County, he remained until 1853, when he accepted a call to Millersville, Lancaster County, which charge he served but one year. From Millersville he was called to Centreville, Northhampton County, laboring in that difficult field for six years, from whence he moved to Northumberland County, where he served successfully the congregations at Turbotville, Muncy Hills and Trevorton. It was while temporarily supplying the Trevorton charge, that he contracted the sickness, which ended his useful life on Sunday, January 3d, 1875.

For nearly 54 years he was engaged in the active work of the ministry, crowning his life with good deeds to his Divine Master, and to his fellow-men. Blessed with a strong constitution and excellent health, he seemed never to tire in the work to which he had consecrated his life, strictly conscientious in the discharge of his duties, he was ever to be found at his post, undeterred by any exposure to the elements, or by any roughness of the way. He emphatically loved his calling, never wishing for a moment to change it for any other, however attractive to the outward eye, or lucrative in its rewards. The people among whom he labored, were ever dear to his heart, permitting nothing to alienate them from his Christian regard. Wherever he toiled he made hosts of friends, who ever welcomed his return among them, with gladsome hearts. A modest and unobstrusive man, he never mingled much in the active proceedings of Synods and Conference, but was ever intensely interested in every measure looking towards the development of the Church and the extension of the Redeemer's kingdom. From an account kept of his labors in the ministry for the space of 50 years, we find among the items of interest the following: Baptized 3,052, confirmed 2,491, married 2,052, buried 2,653, and administered the communion to about 30,000 souls.

He was twice married, having by his first wife twelve children, of whom five are living, two of whom are in the ministry, Rev. L.E. Albert, D.D, of Germantown, Pa., and Rev. Charles S. Albert, D.D. of Philadelphia, Pa. To him might truly be applied that beautiful passage of Scripture: "They that be wise shall shine as the brightness of the firmament; and they that turn many to righteousness as the stars forever and ever."

~C.S. Albert.

Information taken from: Jubilee Memorial Volume of the Danville Conference of the Evangelical Lutheran Ministerium of Pennsylvania and Adjacent States. Published by the Danville Conference. 1898. Pgs. 203 - 205