Pastors of the Silver Run Parish

Rev. J. Luther Hoffman

The Rev. J. Luther Hoffman came in 1912, and gave the congregation five years of devoted christian guidance. On Oct. 15, 1916, there was a rededication of the church, after extensive repairs and improvement had been made. These included repairs to the parsonage, enlargement of the choir loft, velvet brussell carpet in the auditorium, and rehanging of all doors so that they could swing outward. People were becoming conscious of fire hazards -- as they were not when the old brick church was built without a chimney.

Pastor Hoffman was our first pastor to own an automobile - a Ford.

In 1917 Pastor Hoffman left St. Mary's to accept a call to a church in Baltimore, where he remained until his retirement. During his Baltimore pastorate he was given the honorary degree of Doctor of Divinity.